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Our dear Jewish brethren


We, the inhabitants of the Land of Israel, are full of joy and excitement as

shmita approaches, giving us the opportunity to observe its mitzvot.


We want to ensure that you too, who live in the diaspora, will have the privilege of

observing this mitzva and of taking a step closer to the Holy Land, body and soul.


The great kabbalist, Rabbi Dovid Cohen shlita, had a brilliant idea

which will allow you to do just this.

He turned the implementation of his idea over to us,

Shmita 5782, an organization run by Torah-observant Jews.


The organization has bought agricultural land in the Mikveh Israel youth village.

It will strictly follow the mitzvot of shmita, and refrain from

any agricultural work forbidden during shmita.


The contract for the land acquisition was formulated by a team of rabbis

and lawyers and was warmly endorsed by Gedolei Yisrael shlita.


Shmita 5782 is giving you the opportunity to buy part of this land.

 The sale will be done in full accordance with both halacha and civil law.

We offer a number of purchase plans, and very much hope that you

will find the one that works best for you.


God Bless You, Shmita 5782

I want to participate in the mitzva of shmita 

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